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Tenth anniversary of the Mas Haut Buis and Domaine Des Grecaux

10 Portraits for 10 Years

The outsider of Languedoc


2019: A bountiful year

The winter was moderately cold, and spring rainy in April and unusually cool in May. The bud break took place around April 10, two weeks earlier than expected - a consequence of the relatively mild winter).

After a mid-June flowering, extreme heat prevailed, with temperatures as high as 42°C at the end of June and a scorching July. Fortunately, the light rains allowed the berries to cool.

"We had a lot of grapes but did not carry out green harvesting, we were too happy after the lack of grapes in 2018," said Olivier Jeantet.

With 15 millimeters of rain on August 20 and even more the following week, the vintage was definitely saved (from any risk of incomplete ripening). The harvest started quite late (August 28) and was very long, ending on October 7! Yield was quite high: 45 hectoliters per hectare!